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I wonder how would it feel to have this in… But a soft moan from above woke her out her reverie.

Hanna was waking up. Let me get you out of there! Where am I? You have been here for four days. Come on! First we have to destroy the DNAR.

I know where it is. After a while, I heard someone scream on the intercom.

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I tried to get back, looking for the others but this horrible creature attacked me. This place is crawling with monsters! There is the Captain! That thing got her! Captain Carrie Medford was lying on the floor. It was some sort of trunk attached to the tiled floor with many thick tentacles extending all over the place.

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The older woman was frozen in place, staring upward as if trying to say something but no words came out of her mouth. Hanna approached, trying the help her but a swift tentacle blocked her way! Nonetheless, the girls were terribly aroused by the bizarre scene and they did their best to hide it. What would happen if I got a little closer… Hanna wondered.

The explorers arrived at the room where Hanna had seen the DNAR on the monitors before she was attacked. That DNAR is behind this door. Are you ready? But we have to go in anyway. This thing is too dangerous and must be destroyed. It was the DNAR!

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These creatures are protecting it! Hanna watched with incredulity while Valerie removed her boots and walked completely naked into the room. One of the monsters saw her immediately. She is crazy! Hanna thought. Valerie walked back to the left side of the room while both creatures approached her. They looked a lot like the monster that was ravishing Abigail a few hours before but their skin had a different color.

Hanna reluctantly tip-toed into the room and got closer to the DNAR. Oh, no! Look at the size of his cock! The monster reached out and lifted Valerie effortlessly. He wasted no time and aligned his fat cock to her pussy… then yanked her down! Valerie could feel the phallus pushing deeper and deeper, stretching her vaginal walls to the limit. It felt exactly as she expected; pure bliss. But she loved it and she wanted more! She wondered how something so beautiful could be so dangerous. So this little thing is responsible for all this mess.

The second monster got closer to Valerie and her pounding mate. He moved behind her and discovered that there was another hole available.

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Valerie almost went berserk when she felt the second cock forcefully penetrate her ass. Now she was in heaven! They had the unavoidable urgency to spread their seed and they would not stop until the female was completely full with sperm. As the minutes passed by, she felt more confused. For a moment she forgot what she was supposed to do. Then she remembered; she had to destroy the DNAR! Her pussy twitched hard and her whole body trembled with apparently no reason at all. Hanna realized that her pussy was soaking wet. The DNAR was so beautiful… how can she destroy it? Hanna fell to her knees and unconsciously started rubbing her clitoris.

She stared at the twirling motion of the fireball while the bluish center throbbed in synchrony with her pussy. Just a few feet away, Valerie was taking the fuck of her life. Two enormous cocks pumped her pussy and ass without mercy. It was too much.

go to link It was too good! Valerie exploded in ecstasy! Her body shuddered and contorted between the two muscular monsters while her pussy and ass clamped down on the stroking phalluses with uncontrollable spasms. A few seconds later, the monsters climaxed too! Then a second stream filled her body even more, followed by a third one. Now she felt the warm sperm rushing up her own throat and spilling from the edge of her lips. She climaxed again! Moments later, the ravished woman lay on the floor exhausted, unable to move, barely able to think.

She could stay in this place forever. If it was her destiny, she was ready for it.

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The monsters were done with Valerie but were not satisfied yet. They needed to spread their seed. It was imperative. Hanna looked at one monster walking closer to her and her heart jolted. Then she looked at his large cock and her pussy stirred. An arousing fogginess clouded her mind and made it very difficult to think clearly. Only her most basic instincts were stimulated to the maximum. Hanna stared at the huge cock in front of her and only one though formed in her mind… Sperm! She opened her mouth wide and the first inches of the phallus slipped between her overstretched lips.

When her nose finally touched his pelvic skin, Hanna reached a forceful orgasm but managed to remain steady, keeping the whole piece of meat wedged inside of her throat. Hanna knew that this was going to be a long, heavenly night.

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She was craving it. She had to breed! Valerie finally woke up. How are you feeling? I carried you here after the monsters… well, you know. I remember. Valerie kissed her back with excitement, feeling a heat-wave spread across her entire body. All the memories of her recent monster-sex encounters came back to her at the same time.

Hanna moved on top of Valerie, straddling her body. They looked at each other with true passion in their eyes. Their bodies were different and so were their minds. This was what they were supposed to do. Have sex.

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