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It has been a tremendous Swiss tour we will miss it. Hoping to continue our relationship with you. Star Tours is honoured to announce that we are proud recipients of the British Travel Awards This award acknowledges the quality of service that Star Tours provides compared to our competitors.

Astronomers Uncover 39 Ancient Galaxies — Moving So Fast That Even Hubble Can't See Them

We pride ourselves on the experience that our customers receive and look forward to exceeding your travel expectations. Today we are the leading tour operators for the Asian community, and one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. A strong platform and associations with the highest travelling bodies in the UK, USA and India have provided a platform where the Asian community have a reliable and robust company with the helms of the Asian communities needs at its forefront.

Star Tours introduces a new website allowing passengers to book tours online. With an ever-increasing online presence required in the digital age, Star Tours were one of the very few tour operators to offer an online booking platform that allowed its clients to manage their booking online and make amendments to make life simple.

We further increase our global presence by opening a branch in North America. Star Tours now was officially a multi-national company in many fronts. With more migration to USA than any other country from those in the Asian sub-continent; we simply provided an easier manner for those to get the home comforts in Europe whilst travelling. Complimentary extras such as night tour of Paris, ice cream in Italy, tea on Boppard cruise is introduced on selected tours.

With so many wonderful years taking all our valued clients across the globe it was time to give something back, and small extras across our tours were introduced. We open our second international branch in India, Ahmedabad.

Light - our measuring stick in space

This year we also launch a hour call centre on the outskirts of Mumbai. With the ever busy schedules of the modern world, we introduced a hour call centre, enabling our customers to book and seek advice at a time that is convenient for them. Star Tours introduces nationwide departure points across England. Travelling for those in UK has never been easier. With the introduction of pickups across the Midlands and West Country, travelling to the continent has never been easier. Introduces only four-star hotels in Italy. With the ever-changing traveller having a more higher demand and a higher level of expectation — we introduce 4-star hotels not only in Italy but across many of our cities around Europe.

We open our first international branch in India, Mumbai. This year marks 50, passengers for Star Tours.

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The company moves their office from Harrow to a prominent area in Wembley. The move aligns the business closer to its core customer base and makes those wanting to speak to a travel agent ever more accessible. Star Tours introduces mobile kitchen catering vehicles, providing authentic Indian meals during tours.

This concept revolutionises the way Indian meals are bought to those travelling in Europe. Terms and Conditions apply. Your holiday starts here Where would you like to visit? When would you like to travel? How many passengers? Short Breaks. London Tours. Paris 3 Days. Paris 4 Days. Featured Holidays. Far-Away Holidays. USA Canada. I am already looking forward to going again with them Vidya Dixit. Harish Sachdeva. Mira Sharma. Aishwarya Shriram.

Deepa Balakrishnan. Why Choose Star Tours? When that runs out, then the star fuses helium, and then carbon.

How Far Away are the Stars?

Each level of fusion releases more energy, which heats up the star. In sun-like stars, the increased heating causes them to swell up to become giant stars. Any nearby planets are enveloped by the expanding star.

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Eventually the outer stellar atmosphere blows away, creating an expanding cloud of gas around the star. Eventually, the dying star becomes a white dwarf. Stars that are much more massive than the Sun continue the fusion process until they reach a point where the core collapses. The outer layers also collapse onto the core and then rebound out to space in a catastrophic explosion called a supernova.

When stars die, all the elements they created in their cores are scattered to space, to become part of interstellar clouds of gas and dust. Those chemical elements are seed materials for new generations of stars, planets, and life.

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  7. Astronomers sort stars into categories according to their spectral characteristics — that is the information contained in the light they radiate. For example, O- and B-type stars are blue-looking and are generally among the hottest stars — between , Kelvin. A-type stars are blue-white and have temperatures around 9, K. The F-type stars are white and are no hotter than 7, K.

    How far is a light-year? | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

    The G-type stars are yellow-white and around 5,, K. At the cooler end of the spectrum, the K and M stars are orange and red, respectively, and range from 5, to 3, degrees Kelvin. The coolest stellar objects are the R, N, T, and Y stars, which include the brown dwarfs objects too hot to be planets and too cool to be stars. Astronomers further classify stars by such characteristics as their rotation rates, and metallicity how many elements heavier than hydrogen and helium they contain.

    Stars are plotted on a color-luminosity chart called the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram. The stars in their hydrogen-burning phase fall into a curving line called the Main Sequence. White dwarfs, giants, and supergiants all fall outside this sequence, showing that they are fusing other elements and thus are in advanced stages of evolution. The most famous star in our sky is the Sun, the source of the heat and light that powers the solar system.

    Then, it will start to fuse helium, which will heat up the Sun and cause it to expand.

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    7. The Sun may form a planetary nebula, and eventually will shrink down to become a white dwarf. It will continue cooling for another billion years. The closest stars to our Sun are in the Alpha Centauri System. They are visible mainly from the Southern Hemisphere and the most southerly parts of the Northern Hemisphere. These stars lie 4. The brightest is Alpha Centauri, which is a double star containing a G-type main-sequence star similar to the Sun.