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In the same day I saw a pigeon being crushed and another one having its tail trapped by the wheels of a bus but this once escaped. Leave a comment. Filed under Notes. Tagged as pigeons sparrows buses. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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"Anchors & Wheels" Beach House Collection Phone Case

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Blog at WordPress. I wanted to travel and to continue painting. We were thinking a lot about the ideal way of traveling where we do not have to sacrifice any other aspects of our life.

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The idea was born: the beach on four wheels. The Golf was lost to the bloodhounds of Vegas, but this is another story…. We started to look for another car. In the end we were buying a Volkswagen Transporter from The car has been in the property of a nice family and transported vegetables to the market.

After one summer of renovating and building it to a living car, we were finally again on the road. For me this car is a dream solution. We sleep on a real mattress and more comfortable than in any hotel. A rainy day we can spend in the car without any compromise, we have place for our dogs and I can even paint on canvas.

We can easily find hidden, safe and beautiful places where we can stop for the night and even for a week.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/map261.php Finally we found our beach on four wheels that takes us to discover the world. The first travel lasted four month. And again, the travel was bringing a lot of wonders: We were drinking coffee in a little village in Serbia with the wife of the shepherd, who saved our car from the mud. We were sleeping under the starsky on lonely beaches, were walking on markets that seemed to come out of the stories of nights and discovered forgotten worlds.

We collected treasures, that were lost in the sea, danced with the ocean and found a hidden kingdom next to the highway. The travel was beautiful and we realized that beside the living car we want to have a base. We wanted a base where we do not have to pay rent or bills, where we can live healthy and create freely. We wanted free access to spring water, beautiful nature around us where we can walk with our dogs, sun, mild winters and to be close to the ocean.

We were thinking about moving to the commune in the south of Spain where Joshua was living for two years before, looking for other communes on Crete, or buying an own property. For my parents was important to realize that me and my brother have a place and a car. We already started to look for property in Greece, but the places we liked were too expensive for us. We returned to Hungary and spend Christmas with my family. From here we continued looking for properties on the internet. A few days after new year I found the offer that seemed simply perfect.

A place in a beautiful valley in the mountains of Portugal with an own spring, only 80 kms from the Atlantic ocean, south-west faced, with many matured trees and still unbelievable cheap.

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We did not hesitate for a minute. After talking about a few details with the owner, we booked the plain ticket and flew to Porto. When we saw the property, we fell in love directly.

We made the promissory contract, went back to Hungary where we organized our moving to Portugal. In the end of February we started with our transporter in direction to our new home. Again the travel was amazing and brought us through Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the south of France and Spain to Portugal. From the first day on we lived on our property. We wanted to build our house by ourselves and for that we wanted to observe the characteristics of the place. We wanted to see were the water is running in a big rain, where the sun is shining to the different times of the day and simply to try where we feel good, where we sleep good and where we have a good feeling to start to built.

We built up a little tent on a few places until we found a place that was promising. There we built up a bigger tent and our first base camp with a covered outdoor kitchen. Later we changed the place two more times until we found the perfect spot for our new home. But for summer we had to leave again to work in Switzerland. We were helping a Swiss family with a little farm high in the mountains of the Swiss Alps to make the famous Alp Cheese and to take care of their animals. After we came came back we finally started to built our house.

We also wanted to live from the beginning on the place of the later house.

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So we were building around us. A technique that makes building sometimes a little bit more complicate and for sure more slow, but gave us priceless inspirations, that helped us to create a house we would have never imagine before. For building the house we combined modern architecture with classical native building designs like tipi, yurt or kote and fitting them to the conditions of the Portuguese mountains.

For us was always important to built with nature and not against it. We used natural wooden trunks, that we recycled from the forest around us, stones from the mountains or the river around us, straw, clay, jute and a lot of glass. We did not use any cement and did not cut any tree for the house. The first big storm in autumn proved that our ideas were working.

We were cooking and heating with wood and in emergency cases with gas. For providing electricity we built up a solar system. Then we went to the south of Spain, to direction Morocco, and left the house alone for two months. When we came back in early spring the house was in a very good state and we full of new ideas. A lot of people ask me, how we finance our life and specially the traveling.

Well, it is not easy but not impossible. Sometimes you have to change and reorganize your whole life. One step is instead of always making more money, needing less money. For this our car and our property are very important. We can sleep and cook in the car. For that we do not need to pay for hotel or restaurant. Already with this traveling is much more cheap. And our car needs very little petrol. Here we save money again.

But it is not only the car but also the way of traveling. Instead of paying for highways, we prefer to go on empty country roads.

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