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As patients come back to clinic for review it seems clear that their continence and erectile function are better than with previous techniques.

Saving Robert the Robot: The Impossible Challenge Thetwo Parnell Girls Face in Saving the Robot

The range of movement with robotic instruments enables us to be more precise, which translates into better results. Roger Moran, 69, from Southwold, had a robotic assisted prostatectomy on 9 th January after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Lifesaving robot helps its th patient.

The robots playing sports better than humans. Could your teacher be replaced by a robot?

Will robots take too many jobs from humans in the future? Anti-Bullying Week: 'Change starts with us'.

Saving Robert the Robot : Dr Ralph Thomas Palmer :

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Robert Downey Jr. Getty Images. Using technology to save the environment. More like this.

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Robert the Robot makes his big comeback in Irvine’s Bridgegate

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Robotic fish powered by electronic blood can swim for 36 hours

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