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We sweat the details so you don't have to. Versatile Kitchen You can cook out of the back of your van or you can take your stove to the campsite. These are problems faced by lots of kids and teens — and there are ways to deal with all of these problems besides running away. Kids who think about running away might not know how to solve tough problems or don't have adults to help them.

Sometimes a really big problem can make it seem like running away is the only choice. Unfortunately, the problems kids hope to escape by running away are replaced by other — sometimes even bigger — problems of life on the streets. When you think about running away, you probably imagine that there will be no more rules, no parent to tell you what to do, no more fights. Sounds great and exciting, right? In reality, running away is anything but fun.

Run Away Home

Kids and teens who run away face new problems like not having any money, food to eat, a safe place to sleep, or anyone to look out for them. People with no home and no money become desperate, doing anything just to meet their basic needs. Because of this, they often find themselves in risky situations that would be frightening, even for adults.

Runaway kids get involved in dangerous crimes much more often than kids who live at home. Kids who live on the streets often have to steal to meet basic needs.

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Many take drugs or alcohol to get through the day because they become so depressed and feel that no one cares about them. Some are forced to do things they wouldn't normally do to make money.

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Let's face it — stress is a part of life, even for kids — but being able to deal with problems with confidence, hope, and practical solutions makes kids less likely to run away. It might feel like there's no way to fix the problems that are making you think about running away.

If you can, tell your mom or dad how you feel. They need to know that you're upset or that you're afraid they don't love you or want you around. It may be possible to work together as a family to change things for the better.

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Sometimes talking with a counselor as a family can help. If the problem is as serious as abuse and a parent is involved, then talk to a teacher or counselor at school, a good friend's parent, a close relative, or another trusted adult. Let that person help you find somewhere safe to stay. It might be hard to share this secret because you may feel ashamed or afraid of getting someone in trouble, but remember that abuse is never your fault.

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  • Another option is to call the National Runaway Switchboard at It's open 24 hours a day and the call is free.