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In an attempt to focus this article on the actual Fort of the Damned, we are trying our level best not to prattle on about the mere acquisition of Flames of Fate and Ritual Skulls. These voyages are a mixture of Order of Souls bounty hunting quests, and Gold Hoarder x-marks-the-spot quests. This voyage can be purchased with gold or doubloons. In our experience, this voyage gives you an x-marks-the-spot on the outpost closest to where you vote on that voyage.

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If you happen to see a Skeleton Captain on an island for which you have no Order of Souls bounty quests, kill it! Of course, wandering into an ambient Skeleton Captain is pure luck. With your Ritual Skull in hand and your boat bedazzled in splashes of color, head up to the main room of the fort. On the statue for the Flame of Embattled Souls the Ferryman has been cut through with swords—one even seems to have stabbed him in the back!

After you have lit all six statues, the cage in the center of the main room will open. Inside you will see a headless skeleton.

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Take the Ritual Skull and place it on the skeleton torso. The Fort of the Damned has now been activated! A giant Skull Cloud will appear above the fort with glowing red eyes! As any seasoned pirate knows, the key to defeating Shadow Skeletons is to either a take them on in the daylight, or b shine your lantern on the scalawags! If you try to take on shadow skeletons at night with no lantern, your sword and bullets will merely be fighting the air. When skeletons spawn, have at least one member of your crew grab the corresponding flame and run about, lantern lifted high, shining each and every skeleton!

These Shadows of Fate Skeletons have quite a bit of life in them!

In our experience, the initial waves seem to each spawn only one color of Shadow of Fate Skeletons per wave. It helps to communicate with your crew—and any other allied pirates—which color each pirate will wield. Look at the grates below each statue. You will hear that fateful music, and from the depths of the fort will rise the Ghost of Graymarrow!

It seems Graymarrow is clinging to this world! Ah, but if you have fought Graymarrow in your Tall Tale adventures, you will be well prepared to fight him again! If you see him pick up two large chests, be sure to get your distance—and quick snack for that health bar! Keep track of the Shadow of Fate colors, hollering out which color flame you are wielding and which colors need reckoning.

Dispatch of these skellies quickly, otherwise you will be overrun with little opportunity to strike at Graymarrow. No, water does not hold any power over Graymarrow similar to the way it slows golden skellies.

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However, if you lure Graymarrow down to the water, you can cannon him from your ship. Aye, this might seem to be a yellow-bellied plan of attack. Once you have completed the fort once, you can then use those Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels the next time you fight Graymarrow! Defeat Graymarrow, pick up the dropped Fort of the Damned Key, open the vault doors, and reveal your hard earned booty!

You can expect some very lucrative loot inside the vault. You can leave with your treasure or if you brought another Ritual Skull, start up the Fort of the Damned again and go for another round! Though there have been many updates to Sea of Thieves since the Anniversary Update, this is the first one that includes brand new achievements! These achievements correspond to their respective commendations and involve defeating Shadows of Fate and defeating the Fort of the Damned:.

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Banishing the Damned — Clear the Fort of the Damned of all enemies, 10 times. Along with commendations and achievements, there are brand new cosmetics to unlock that are tied to the Fort of the Damned!

Upon completing the fort, 10 times, and unlocked the Banishing the Damned commendation , you will unlock the Jacket of the Damned cosmetic. It can be found in the Clothing Shop at any Outpost. Activate the Fort of the Damned once and you will get the Summoning the Damned commendation as well as unlock the Facepaint of the Damned.

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Why are some birds colourful and others dull? In this book children will learn about birds, from hummingbirds to flamingos. Purple Band non-fiction Adjunct instructor, Union UniversityMr. Chipley and I Chipley and I have a commitment to education and the success of the urban child. We met at a private Christian school in the Binghampton community where I Purple America.

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