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Hide details. The shrine at night in Urban Legend in Limbo. The shrine as seen in Memorizable Gensokyo. The shrine as seen in Extra of the Wind. The shrine in Strange and Bright Nature Deity. The shrine gate in Strange and Bright Nature Deity. The shrine kitchen in Strange and Bright Nature Deity.

The shrine destroyed as seen in Strange and Bright Nature Deity. The shrine gate in Extra of the Wind.

The shrine as seen in Silent Sinner in Blue. The shrine interior in Silent Sinner in Blue. The shrine altar in Oriental Sacred Place. The shrine road full of youkai as seen in Oriental Sacred Place. The shrine road in Oriental Sacred Place. Mongolian Oak tree in Oriental Sacred Place. Gensokyo relies on the Hakurei Shrine and its shrine maidens to continue to exist as it does today.

It's as cold inside as it is outside. The small bird-house shrine is confirmed to still exist at the Hakurei Shrine in Chapter 5 of Silent Sinner in Blue , and it's mentioned it can be used to summon both Kanako and Suwako. To be accurate, the place where this shrine exists is not in Gensokyo. But the two worlds can't be crossed between in this way. People from Gensokyo can go only to Gensokyo's Hakurei Shrine, and people from the outside world can go only to the outside world's Hakurei Shrine.

Le sanctuaire métroaque de Vienne (France)

It's said that the Hakurei Shrine seen from outside is a desolate, uninhabited shrine which no one visits. My eyes were becoming accustomed to the light. This archway here was something I recognized Is this a shrine? And there are are great number of people here too Logically, he would still be near the border and this is thus the Hakurei Shrine, but this is unconfirmed, and the people there weren't speaking Japanese. All of Gensokyo can be seen from this shrine, and it is famous for having the most beautiful cherry blossoms. It's implied to be the outside world. The goods of the outer world are wondrous and popular among humans and youkai alike.

For this reason, many collectors surround the shrine.

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Where's Genjii the turtle in PC series now? Probably living in the lake at the back of the shrine Although we did get taken over by an evil spirit in the past On the Great Hakurei Barrier. Youkai Mountain. Outside world. Original Soundtrack. Spell Cards. Music Comments. Strategie Replays. Playable characters. Occult Ball.

Musées et patrimoine dijonnais

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Sanctuaires d’Arcadie trente ans après : bilan des recherches

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