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The woman in the image is Kesha Mama Morse, the sixty-seven-year-old president of the New York Federation of Black Cowboys, an organization that is devoted to teaching inner-city kids about a neglected aspect of American history: the thousands of African-Americans who played a role in settling the Old West.

For New York City’s black cowboy group, it’s high noon

According to scholars, one in four cowboys working in Texas during the golden age of westward expansion was black; many others were Mexican, mestizo, or Native American—a far more diverse group than Hollywood stereotypes of the cowboy would suggest. Bass Reeves, a black lawman who had a Native American sidekick, is thought to have served as a model for the Lone Ranger.

The photos, like the very idea of a black cowboy, suggest that that many common conceptions of what an iconic American looks like are wrong.

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We watch as the men trick out their saddles with flashing CDs and plastic flowers, and as riders clop along the city streets, their leisurely pace at odds with the traffic around them. It was also where outlaw and federal fugitive Billy the Kid spent his teen years he was famously captured by Sheriff Pat Garrett in and locked up in the old Santa Fe jail. Claim to fame: The discovery of riches in the southern Black Hills in kicked off one of the greatest gold rushes in America.

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Two years later, a slew of fortune-seekers made their move on this gulch of dead trees, turning Deadwood into a rough-and-ready boomtown that steadily lured bands of outlaws, gamblers, and gunslingers. Nowadays, this charming town a National Historic Landmark since keeps its loud and lusty heritage alive with a wealth of Wild West-inspired attractions; from museums and parades to lively Vegas-style casinos gambling was eventually legalised here in See and do: Spend time at a dude ranch, marvel at 40,plus Wild West relics at the Frontier Times Museum, take a walking tour to see the original jail and county courthouse, wander along historic Eleventh Street, and visit the St.

As more settlers flooded into Silverton spurred by the promise of riches around the rivers and creeks, it became a hub for the many small towns accumulating around the biggest mines: Gladstone, Eureka, Animas Forks, Howardsville, Red Mountain, Chattanooga, and more. Tell us your enquiry preferences and receive special deals and exclusive offers straight to your inbox.

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12. New Mexico

Top Destinations. Buck chases down Rizzo at a diner on the Upper West Side. Kimberly was located at Broadway and 74th Street, which becomes obvious when you see the exterior of the Apple Bank Building in a cross-shot.

The Hotel Kimberly had once been a rather fabulous hotel in the ss. In fact, a young Lucille Ball lived here in ! Image courtesy Pay Phone News.

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Although I do not know the specific address, these scenes are memorable for perhaps being the first time Lower East Side squatting is featured in a Hollywood film! Rizzo decides Buck needs to score clients the old-fashioned way — by stealing them from other men. Today, you may know it better as The Peninsula. The second notable Times Square signage gets a few seconds of glory at this point — the Gillette Right Guard sign , dispensing steams of aerosol into the street.

Desperate for money, Buck resorts to selling plasma at a midtown blood bank. I can only recoil in horror at the sort who frequented this place in the late s, looking for extra money. Rising in the distance you can see the Kosciuszko Bridge. Rizzo is incredulous and possibly jealous. Klein , and in particular to their location off Union Square.

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Klein would remain open until Warhol was asked to participate in the film but he declined. This might even be the arcade in question. Later, we see the pair up on 49th Street, turning the corner to be greeted with the facade — of Colony Records! Finally, that omnipresent song! Which do you prefer? A couple of places may be off — and a few are speculations, based on clues in the film.

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